BTS’s Tattoo Artist Announced That He Won’t Recreate The Group’s Friendship Tattoo For Other Clients

He also teased a reveal ARMYs have been dying for.

One of the most prominent tattoo artists in South Korea, POLYC SJ, is also the artist who worked on the “7” friendship tattoo of BTS. In a recent Instagram post, the artist announced that he wouldn’t be replicating the tattoo designs he did for BTS for any other client.

POLYC SJ | | @polyc_sj/Instagram

Back in June, BTS revealed that each member had gotten a “7” tattooed on different parts of their body as a sign of their long-standing friendship. Since then, five out of the seven members have shared the design and location of their tattoos with ARMYs. While for V, fans have made a few guesses based on blurry pictures, nobody has any idea where Suga got his tattoo.

After the revelation, many fans also wanted to get a “7” tattoo to signify their love for the BTS members. ARMYs have known POLYC for a while since before working with all seven members, he also worked on Jungkook‘s sleeve tattoos. Needless to say, his artistic skills impressed many BTS fans, drawing them to his shop.

| @polyc_sj/Instagram

But the artist has strictly stated that nobody will be able to get the exact designs of the BTS friendship tattoos out of respect for the members and their sentiments behind the designs. He also added that he would share all the members’ tattoos on his Instagram.

Thanks to BTS RM!
BTS friendship tattoo 7.
Hello, this is tattoo artist POLYC.

I worked on the friendship tattoos of the BTS members, that got a lot of people’s interest and attention. To fully express the meaning of the BTS members’ friendship, I worked on them only after having enough discussions with them.

The designs will not be sold commercially, and to preserve its good meaning, the BTS friendship tattoo won’t be done for anyone other than the members.

The members’ tattoo pictures will be shown on this account in future.

For tattoo inquiries, please go to @polycshop and for POLYC brand enquiries, please go to our account at 🙂


While fans are thankful to see the artist’s respectful gesture towards the group, there is also excitement and anticipation for finally getting to know where the remaining two members got their friendship tattoos.