BTS’s Tattoo Artist Reveals The Member Who “Finally” Moved Their Friendship Tattoo Plans Forward

Hint: it wasn’t Jungkook!

Recently, BTS‘s friendship tattoo artist Polyc sat down for an exclusive interview with Korea Now about his experience tattooing the seven BTS members.

Polyc | @polyc_sj/Instagram

Polyc shared that his first encounter with BTS was through maknae Jungkook, who visited his shop for a consultation. Polyc was “so honored” by Jungkook’s visit and “vowed to do [his] best” working with the artist.

The two worked together on an existing tattoo Jungkook had, and over that time, the topic of a friendship tattoo was brought up.

Jungkook’s existing tattoo took around 5 months to finish but as we were talking, he kept bringing up friendship tattoos.

— Polyc

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Polyc (right) | @polyc_sj/Instagram

V teased that the group would be getting friendship tattoos last year, and Jungkook introduced the members to Polyc, setting the plan in motion.

  • ARMY: “Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!”
  • V: “That’s something I’ll decide on my own, and the members and I always talked about getting a friendship tattoo. We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it 🥰🥰”

Although Jungkook made the introductions, another BTS member decided it was finally time for the group to get their tattoos, and Polyc revealed that the member’s decision was what pushed the group forward.

They seemed to have talked about getting them for several years, and finally, Jimin said ‘let’s do it’ and they all decided to get tattoos.

— Polyc

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