Here’s The Hidden Meaning That The Tattoo Artist Behind BTS’s “7” Friendship Tattoos Had Planned

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In June, BTS revealed that each member had gotten a “7” tattooed on different parts of their body as a sign of their friendship and commitment to the group. Since then, five of the seven members have shared the design and location of their tattoos with ARMYs. V and Suga have yet to publicly reveal their tattoo, although some eagle-eyed fans have already made guesses.

The current known “7” tattoos. | @girlwithluv_24/Twitter

Their tattoo artist, PolyC, is fast gaining popularity with fans. Although he has already promised never to recreate the “7” tattoos, he remains humble, recently thanking the group for their trust.

| @polyc_sj/Instagram

It was truly such an honor. I think that it is only right of me to continue to show [everyone] more amazing works, just as much as they have trusted me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

— PolyC

He also finally dropped the hidden meaning behind the “7” tattoos. While the “7” is a clear reference to the number of members in BTS, each of the tattoos are a little bit different. When put together, the 7s form the word “BTS.”

Fans have already begun to match the puzzle pieces together, figuring out which “7” belongs to who.

| @bangtanameitata/Twitter

V and Suga’s remain a complete mystery, but hopefully they will soon lift the veil on their tattoos!