BTS Ticket Scammer Who Scammed ARMYs Out Of $20,000 Has Been Arrested

He preyed on ARMYs who wanted to see BTS live.

A 27-year-old male ticket scammer who had been pretending to sell BTS tickets between July and December 2018 has been arrested. This individual had been claiming to have BTS tickets for the various legs of their Love Yourself world tour and offering them for resale, despite not actually have any tickets.

The scammer would post an advertisement for the resale of BTS tickets and then upon receiving payment, they would send the buyer a blank box without any ticket inside. He would sell the “tickets” from anywhere between $65-$5500 depending on how desperate the buyer was.

It is estimated that he made almost $20,000 from his scam. He would often only sell the ticket at prices 10%-20% higher than their initial price to avoid suspicion. Despite the huge amount of money he earned from this scam, he has said that he spent most of it on frivolous entertainment expenses.

Scalpers and scammers are a large problem in K-Pop today. IU and Wanna One were recently affected by scalpers who drove up ticket prices, making it harder for legitimate fans to see their favourite groups.

Source: inews24