BTS’s TinyTAN And Hitachi-LG Data Storage Team Up For New “Dynamite” Themed Phone Accessories

We can’t afford for our phones to die on us, but TinyTAN’s got us covered!

BTS‘s adorable cartoon counterparts TinyTAN have teamed up with Hitachi-LG Data Storage (also known as HLDS), a joint venture between Hitachi and LG, for new merchandise.


Hitachi-LG Data Storage is a manufacturer of DVD and Blu-ray optical disk drives for desktop and notebook computers so that you can count on them for more than just cute but also very practical merchandise!

They currently have clip mobile charger packs with TinyTAN dressed in their iconic fits for BTS’s hit song “Dynamite.” It even includes a charm of the “Dynamite logo!”

The charger pack is a fully wireless auxiliary battery clip. With a C-type cradle, it allows for convenient watching of videos on one’s phone too.

| Hitachi-LG Data Storage [HLDS]/YouTube
It also comes in white for a slicker and minimalistic design. Of course, the accents are purple!

Now, it comes not only with the charger pack. It includes lots more products in the package. For the first time, Hitachi-LG Data Storage is releasing finger ring iRing.

In addition to the “Dynamite” charm, it also comes with a wrist strap of the TinyTAN logo. Best yet, it comes with two sticker sheets, including “Dynamite” graphics and the TinyTAN members to decorate either your charger pack or phone.

Let’s be real. We all use our phones all of the time, from streaming to watching new episodes of Run BTS!, TikTok, or compilation videos. And what if BTS does a live broadcast when you’re on low battery? That’s why a convenient charger pack is so important to have on hand!

| Hitachi-LG Data Storage [HLDS]/YouTube

The TinyTAN Clip Mobile Charger Pack is available now worldwide in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

Watch the commercial here:

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Source: Hitachi-LG Data Storage and PR Newswire


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