An ARMY Runs Into BTS In The U.S. At Her Job, Topgolf 

“It was the greatest day, greatest day of my life!”

One lucky ARMY is living a dream that’s straight out of a fanfic. What began as a regular workday became extraordinary, thanks to BTS!

Topgolf employee Syndi

BTS recently touched down in the U.S. ahead of their visit at The White House. On May 31, BTS will join President Joe Biden to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes.

This trip isn’t just about work though. Between schedules, BTS’s members are making the most of their free time by checking out the local sights and sounds. On Instagram, V shared his latest adventures, including a trip to Topgolf.

V’s Instagram stories. | @thv/Instagram


— V’s caption (top left)

Little did he know that one Topgolf employee is a dedicated ARMY. TikToker Syndi happened to be on the clock when V, J-HopeJin, and Jimin strolled through Topgolf’s doors. With barely contained excitement, Sydni shared her experience in a TikTok video.

BTS was at my job today. For like two hours. Oh my god, I was not even a foot away from them, walking past them a couple times. I breathed the same air as BTS. They were at my job!

— Sydni

“They were so beautiful in real life,” she said. “It was Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and Taehyung [V], four of them. I don’t know where the rest of them were. I know Jungkook is in New York right now, but four of them were there!”

Sydni described how the members looked in real life, and what they were up to at Topgolf. “Jin is so tall,” she said. “the broadest shoulders you will ever see.”

Jin departing from Incheon Airport

“Jimin was loving the golf. He was having such a good time, and Taehyung was on the phone a lot of the time…”

V departing from Incheon Airport
Jimin departing from Incheon Airport | @jmnsource/Twitter

“…and J-Hope was just, like, chilling, you know. They were just drinking, having a good time, and oh my god! They were at my work! Out of all places.”

J-Hope departing from Incheon Airport

The ARMY, who made eye contact with V and Jimin, can’t get over her good fortune. “I can’t believe it. I can die happy, like nothing will top this in my life,” she said. “It was the greatest day, greatest day of my life!”

Watch her TikTok video here.

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