BTS Make An Unexpected Appearance At “Gamescom 2022,” And ARMY Thinks Jin Would Be Proud

“BTS conquering the world!”

BTS made an unexpected appearance at this year’s Gamescom, proving their global superstar status once again!

BTS | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

BTS have surprised ARMY with many unexpected cameos and appearances in the past. From Marvel movies to cooking shows, everybody seems eager to show some love for BTS.

Yet, their appearance at Gamescom 2022 was particularly surprising. Gamescom is an annual trade fair for video games held in Cologne, Germany. On opening night Korean game developer Ji Won Choi accepted the award for “Best Playstation Game” for his new game Lies of P.

Game developer Ji Won Choi | gamescom

The game is reportedly based on the characters of the classic tale of Pinocchio—with a dark twist of course.

It has so far earned rave reviews from critics, with some even claiming they might skip the Xbox Lies of P booth due to its likelihood of being extremely crowded.

The game is due to come out in 2023, yet it already has netizens extremely excited. Having rightfully earned the award, Ji Won Choi gave a heartfelt acceptance speech. And as he neared the end of his speech, he said, “And finally, do you know BTS?”

The shoutout came as a total surprise to ARMYs, many of whom claimed that they only heard or saw it by coincidence.

Yet, having heard it, ARMYs praised BTS for being a source of pride for Koreans.

And one thing that did not escape ARMYs is, of course, that Jin would surely be extremely proud!

Jin | @jin/Instagram

Ji Won Choi expressed his hope to become to the gaming industry what BTS is to K-Pop, proving once again that BTS is the standard. Watch the full clip of Ji Won Choi’s shoutout to BTS right here!