BTS’s Jimin Shares What Being “Friends” Means To Him

He described how his friendship with V has changed him.

BTS‘s Jimin wrote the song “Friends” together with V, but how does he personally define friendship?

On June 9, BTS dropped three new interview videos for 2020 FESTARM and Suga with “Respect”, Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope with “Jamais Vu”, and V and Jimin with “Friends.” In Jimin and V’s video, they talked about their unit song, described how they have changed in their twenties, and more

When asked to describe the changes they have experienced after spending their teen years and twenties together, Jimin revealed that he has become more patient with V.

This patience allows Jimin to see the intentions and motivations behind V’s thoughts and actions. Learning the “why” helps Jimin to be more understanding.

I think I became a little more patient…You know, everyone would agree, but if you’re close to someone you feel free to suggest ideas and sometimes be opinionated. Now I’m more patient and can understand why he’s acting that way, and what he’s thinking, and why he’s saying it.

— Jimin

Jimin’s strong friendship with V isn’t something that happened overnight. After spending years together, learning and growing, Jimin has come to understand what being friends truly means.

Now that we’ve spent so much time together. But the thing is, to become like us you have to spend this much time together. I think that’s what being “friends” means. We still have a lot more to build and more things to learn. So I believe we have room for improvement.

— Jimin

Here’s to many more years of this beautiful friendship!

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