BTS’s V Achieves A Rare “All-Kill” Despite Being Enlisted In The Military

He is still the record-breaker.

Despite being on a hiatus due to his mandatory military enlistment, BTS’s V continues to prove his global influence.

BTS’s V | @rkive/Instagram

Recently, Haper’s BAZAAR Korea revealed V as the star ready to cover their February 2024 issue. The three covers released by them featured V donned in CELINE, the brand he represents as a global ambassador.

Each of the covers showed a never-seen-before charm of the BTS member, with many fans swooning over his anime-like visuals.

V’s Midas touch took effect almost immediately, with the pre-orders for the magazine’s February issue taking over the bestseller ranking on seven of the largest e-commerce sites across South Korea and Japan on January 11, a day after his covers were unveiled. These platforms include Aladin, Yes24, Ktown4u, Kyobo Book, Gmarket, Rakuten Japan, and Qoo10 Japan.

On Yes24, V’s covers held the top three spots in the weekly magazine bestseller category. It also secured the first four positions in real-time bestsellers.

On Aladin, the issue held the top three spots in three different bestselling categories, and on Gmarket, it held the first four positions in the fashion magazine category.

| @TaeVear50/Twitter

Rakuten Japan, the largest online retailer in the country, recorded V’d covers securing the top six positions in all K-Pop categories, while on Qoo10, they dominated from 1st to 5th  rankings.

V’s Harper’s BAZAAR Korea issue ranking on Rakuten, Qoo10, and Gmarket | Twitter

Finally, the covers held the first position on the global online commerce platform Ktown4u on January 10 and 11.

Meanwhile, Haper’s BAZAAR Korea has teased more content to be released on January 22 and 26. The singer himself, who just finished his primary military training, recently treated fans to some behind-cuts from this photoshoot.

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