BTS’s V Confirms That He Watches ARMYs’ Content On YouTube – Here’s How You Can Get Him To Watch Your Videos

V even gave ARMY a tip for their video’s title.

BTS and ARMY have an extraordinary relationship where they always support one another.

For instance, BTS recently promoted their anthology album PROOF, performing on music shows for the first time in two years. And for the lucky ARMY that got to see the performances live, BTS gave the sweetest presents possible.

BTS’s gifts to ARMYs | @_golden_gate_/Twitter

The presents included heart-shaped cookies, BTS coffee, skin/beauty products, and pink roses.

The roses, in particular, turned out to be an extremely meaningful gift as ARMY were surprised to realize that when the roses dried out, they turned purple.

Because it’s so precious
I didn’t know what to do with it
So I decided to dry it well
and make resin art
Because we’re together.. forever.. forever.. forever.


But while international fans may not have been able to receive these sweet gifts from BTS, V recently went on Weverse to prove his love for all ARMYs.

In reply to an ARMY’s post on Weverse, V shared that he was busy watching videos of ARMY.

| Weverse
| Weverse

Fan: My pride, my heaven, and also my love

V: I’m watching videos of ARMYs

Of course, ARMY were curious about what videos V might be watching. And so V shared the link to an emotional reaction video to “For Youth.” Which, V shared, made him as emotional as the ARMY reacting.

| Weverse

Fan: What video? I want to watch too

V: [Video link]

V: I teared up while watching

Since V confirmed that he actively watches ARMYs on YouTube, one fan joked that they needed to start being active in making videos, which V quickly encouraged.

| Weverse

Fan: Ah do I need to do YouTube as well

V: Please do it quickly. Lately I’ve been living by watching this

V also shared that beyond just reaction videos, he would happily watch vlogs of ARMY.

| Weverse

Fan: Taehyung did you watch prerecorded vlogs as well ??

V: Whatever it may be, if there are fun ARMY vlogs please upload to here

In fact, if any ARMY are active on YouTube, V might watch your content if you share it with him on Weverse.

| Weverse

Fan: I do YouTube too, it’d be nice if Taehyung watched it~

V: Please tell me what it is

And as a bonus tip for V finding your content, the idol explained that he searches for “ARMY log” on YouTube.

| Weverse

Fan: What does Taehyung search on YouTube when watching ARMY?

V: ARMY log

You can watch the ARMY video that V shared here.


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