Armys Trend BTS V’s “Stigma” For Him Four Years After Release … No.1 On iTunes Charts

Armys would do anything for the man!

As BTS passes their 7th year mark, V‘s solo song, “Stigma“, is proving to be a hot issue. On the 13th of June episode of “DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13“, all of the members of BTS made a special appearance in order to celebrate the 7th year anniversary and to express their feelings about the achievement.

During the FESTA period, Armys from all over the world held various rankings for the discography of BTS, and one of them was a ranking of V’s solo songs, where “Winter Bear“, “Singularity” and “Sweet Night” were in ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd consecutively.

As V’s first ever solo song, “Stigma“, took 6th place on the fan rankings, V managed to hear about the news on the live radio broadcast, responding that he “practiced two months in order to sing this song coolly”, expressing his disappointment in the rankings.

After the broadcast had ended, it seems that Armys took his words to heart, and began trending the song on Twitter, resulting in the song trending at first place on real time searches in Korea. The song also re-entered the UK iTunesTop Songs” chart at 22nd place, making it the first time ever in the four years it was released, that the song had charted that high.

Similarly, in the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Kenya, the song took 1st place on the iTunes charts, even reaching 41st place on the worldwide chart for iTunes “Top Songs“. The song also entered top ranks in 28 other countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Kazakstan, Brazil and Chile.

Stigma” is a self-composed song by the vocalist in the neo-style genre, featuring his exceptional range of both low notes and falsetto, as well as his unique husky tone. The song was so popular that it even inspired a Malaysian brand of makeup, Irisa Cosmetics, to release a shade of mauve named after the song.

This was certainly a surprise present like no other for the talented singer that just concluded a successful live stream concert with “Bang Bang Con The Live“, an amazing conclusion to 2020’s FESTA.

Source: Daum


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