BTS’s V “Bans” His Own Name From His Fanmeeting

And BIGHIT was quick to comply!

BTS’s V shared a surprising condition for his upcoming fanmeeting during his Weverse livestream.

BTS’s V | Weverse

On October 5, V unexpectedly hosted a live broadcast from his house, gaming and interacting with ARMYs. The singer also talked about his solo fan event on October 14, saying that he has been preparing a lot for it.

| Weverse

V is supposed to perform his solo songs at the event, and so BIGHIT MUSIC shared fan chant guides on the group’s official Twitter account. But the singer himself has something else in mind.

He first took to Weverse and asked fans to memorize the entire lyrics of the songs instead of the usual fan chants.

He repeated this request during his live broadcast on Weverse later but added another condition, saying that chanting his name is also “banned” at the event.

In the official guide, fans are supposed to cheer for V by calling out his name (Kim Taehyung) during “Slow Dancing” and “For Us.” But V clarified that if he heard fans chant his name, he might burst into laughter mid-performance.

The singer then shared the hidden cards up his sleeve to deal with fans who might not comply with his requests. V mentioned that not singing along would earn ARMYs a yellow card, and so would chanting his name during the performance.

After the BTS member communicated his demand to ARMYs, they noticed that BIGHIT had removed V’s name from the fan chant guide, aligning it more with what the artist intended.

Meanwhile, the October 14 fanmeeting is the first one V will be holding as a soloist. ARMYs who purchased his solo album Layover were eligible to enter the raffle for this event, and on September 20, BIGHIT MUSIC announced the 1400 lucky winners. So far, both V and his label have been pretty tight-lipped about the event details, but there is a lot of excitement around the reported venue. Read more about it here.