BTS’s V Reveals What His “Joy And Happiness” Is These Days, And It’s Incredibly Sweet

He didn’t have much time for it before.

Just like everyone else, the members of BTS have different sources of happiness.

V revealed his main source of happiness in an interview with BBC Radio 1 where the boys also talked about their favorite cities, working with Ed Sheeran for “Permission To Dance,” and Jungkook’s past injury.

The interviewer, Adele Roberts, asked BTS about the things they’ve been learning and doing in the past year.

Suga replied, “We kept ourselves busy.

J-Hope agreed and added that they learned to appreciate things even more.

Yes, it was a year in which we learned the preciousness of things we often take for granted.

— J-Hope

V, on the other hand, revealed that he now has more time to talk to his family. Calling it his “pocket of joy and happiness,” he looked genuinely happy as he spoke!

I’ve been talking to my family a lot these days. That’s been one pocket of joy and happiness for me. I didn’t have much time to do that before.

— V

Here’s to hoping V and the rest of BTS can continue to talk to their family as much as they want to!

V | @taehyvngpics/Twitter
Source: BBC Radio 1