BTS’s V Finally Shows Off His Blonde Hairstyle In All Its Glory At Recent SimInvest Fanmeeting

After glimpses, he made sure ARMYs were the first to see it!

BTS V‘s blonde hair has finally been revealed to ARMYs in all its glory!


At the end of May, V teased ARMYs with his blonde hair at the airport when he was traveling abroad for a secret overseas schedule.

The first glimpses of V’s hair at the end of May

Even when he returned from Madrid to Incheon Airport, the idol seemingly wanted to hide his hair for a special reveal for ARMYs. In particular, he wore an adorable knitted hat that just gave fans a glimpse of what to expect.

V returning from Madrid but still not showing off his hair

Well, it seems like V wanted to make sure ARMYs were the first to see it… and it was all through a fanmeeting.

On June 11 (KST), V had his special event with fans for his collaboration with the brand SimInvest. As soon as the idol arrived, he made sure to show off his blonde hair properly, with no hiding and no hat.

Although his entrance was quick, fans made sure to take amazing photos of the idol in all his blonde glory.

During the event itself, the lucky fans who got to attend made sure to share photos of the idol’s beautiful hair for everyone to see.

Of course, as good as fan photos are, the videos shared by fans showed the true beauty of his hair. During the event, V interacted with fans and answered questions.

When he left the venue, now everyone had seen his hair, he took his time and waved at fans before he got into his car.

Even when the fanmeeting had ended, the idol quickly went onto Weverse live and showcased his hair for everyone to see. He was even seen playing with his hair, so he probably loves it as much as ARMYs.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse 

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BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Method Of Trying To Keep His Blonde Hair A Surprise At Incheon Airport