ARMY Can’t Get Enough Of BTS V’s “Butter” Photocard, And Neither Can Non K-Pop Fans

Can you blame them?

BTS recently their “Butter” CD single and, in the album, fans were treated to a lot of unique inclusions and all-new songs, including their latest release, “Permission To Dance.” 

BTS members | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

As expected, when a K-Pop idol releases a new album, there is always one thing on the mind of any fan: photocards! However, there is one specific photocard that seems to be catching the attention of both K-Pop and even non-fans, and it is one of V!

The photocard comes from the Cream version of the album and has sent fans across social media into excitement. Many are not only commenting on V’s visuals but also the uniqueness of the PC!

In particular, a user on TikTok recently posted a reaction to one of the news PCs, and, straight away, the video was flooded with fans saying that they needed this photocard.

Yet, it seems as if not even people who weren’t fans of K-Pop were immune to the beauty of this photocard, and even they seemed to want a piece of the action! One comment even said, “I don’t even listen to K-Pop, but I kind of want it for some reason.”

With fans starting to receive their albums, many fans will be waiting to see if they pull the V photocard. Yet, with so many other visually aesthetic photocards to collect from the group, there is no denying that getting any member will be exciting.

In the meantime, make sure to watch the video for their latest song, “Permission To Dance,” below.

Source: FI and FI