BTS’s V Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To J-Hope “Swearing” About Jimin’s New “Set Me Free Pt.2” Music Video

He came to congratulate Jimin but stayed to scold his hyung!

As one of the youngest in BTS, V is never afraid of calling out the group’s older members in the most iconic way… it is charming and showcases the close bond between them all.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, the idol gained attention after his hilarious reaction to a comment made by J-Hope.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On March 17 (KST), Jimin released the music video for his song “Set Me Free Pt.2.” Of course, it wasn’t surprising when it sent the entire internet into a meltdown with everything from the amazing song, the unreal choreography… and his outfit.

BTS Jimin’s new video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Of course, after Jimin released the video, he went on Weverse to share that he hoped fans like it…

Jimin’s message to ARMYs on Weverse | BTS/Weverse

The members were quickly there to share their support, and it wasn’t surprising that the first member was J-Hope. In the comments, J-Hope replied about how insane it was, adding that Jimin “tore it apart.”

| BTS/Weverse

It was J-Hope’s second comment that really captured the attention of fans… and eventually V. Under Jimin’s post, J-Hope wrote, “ㅠㅠ jonna cool ㅠㅠ” 

J-Hope’s comment that gained attention | BTS/Weverse

While many were confused about the word as it was written in Korean, “jonna” is actually the romanization of a word actually used with adjectives like a softer version of a swear word. In this case, added to “cool,” the phrase would mean something is “very” cool but in a more explicit way.

V was the next idol to make an appearance, although he initially arrived to say, “Yes, I’m enjoying it…”

| BTS/Weverse

It seems that, like ARMYs, V was drawn to the comment of J-Hope swearing! Like any younger sibling, V wasn’t afraid to call his hyung out for the swear word he had just used on Weverse. Hilariously, it was all because of J-Hope’s use of English for the word.

In his comment, V hilariously wrote, “Hyung, do you think that it’ll be fine as long as it’s in English?”

V’s response to J-Hope’s “swear” comment | BTS/Weverse

What made it funnier was that for many Weverse users, the meaning was very different as fans pointed out that the auto-translate read, “Do you think you can speak English?” which is very different.

The auto-translate of V’s comment | BTS/Weverse

As always, V never fails to make ARMYs laugh through his interactions with the members. While he was quick to share praise with Jimin, his reaction to J-Hope’s comment was truly peak sibling energy.

You can read more about J-Hope’s initial comment below.

BTS’s J-Hope Ends Up Swearing On Weverse, Thanks To Jimin’s “Set Me Free”

Source: Weverse


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