Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Think BTS’s V Made A Cameo In The Music Video For J-Hope’s Track “MORE”

From outfits to hair, and even actors’ stories, ARMYs have the evidence!

After it was announced that BTS‘s J-Hope would be the first member to release a debut album with “Jack In The Box,” ARMYs have been treated to so many exciting teasers. From concept photos to short snippets, it isn’t surprising how excited people are for the album.

BTS J-Hope’s debut solo album | HYBE

Well, J-Hope wasn’t going to make ARMYs wait for content. On July 1, he released the video for “MORE,” and it definitely sent the internet into meltdown for all the right reasons. From the song, mood, and of course, J-Hope’s visuals, it was truly an iconic way to get people excited for the main album.

Music video for “MORE” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Well, it seems like eagle-eyed ARMYs have found something interesting about the video and it might include another member of BTS.

In the music video, there is a man standing in the back of the shot by the desk and he’s speaking to someone. As soon as people saw the moment in the music video, many thought that BTS’s V had made a cameo as the person looked a lot like the idol.

The scene which allegedly has V in it | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 
A close-up of “V” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

In screenshots taken by ARMYs, it’s easy to see the resemblance with the hairstyle.


Yet, ARMYs have gone further than that and found even more evidence that the mystery man could be V, and it was all to do with how the actor was dressed and his posture.

The first thing that viewers noticed was that the man was wearing open-toe sandals without socks…

Any ARMY knows that V is a sucker for that kind of sandals and has been seen wearing them on multiple occasions.

BTS’s V is known for his love of open-toe sandals

Many also spotted that the outfit worn by the man seemed similar to something that V has sported in the past during an episode of In The SOOP, and it was actually in a scene with J-Hope.

BTS’s V has worn a similar outfit in the past | Weverse

One user on Twitter even shared on social media that their nephew was in the music video and that V arrived and had a cameo in the music video. Of course, it isn’t confirmed but ARMYs reading the tweet couldn’t help but get excited that it might be the truth.

Actually, my nephew went to film for Hoseok’s music video a few months ago..
It was a secret so I couldn’t say anything..
But now I can talk about it..
But only the back of his head made an appearance for a second, so it was funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ
He wore modern hanboks with Taehyung and played around
And sat down at a table to talk with him
He said that [Taehyung] was so nice
and that he was easy to get along with..
He said his heart hurt because [Taehyung] was so skinny.

— OP

When people started pointing out the resemblance, ARMYs worldwide couldn’t hide their excitement at the idea of V coming to support his member and J-Hope giving him a chance to be in the video.

Yet, it also wouldn’t be completely mad to see the members in a music video as it has happened before. When Suga released the track “Daechwita,” Jin and Jungkook made an iconic cameo in the music video and ARMYs couldn’t get enough.

BTS’s Jin in “Daechwita” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
Jungkook beating up Jin in “Daechwita” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

ARMYs will just have to wait for someone in BTS to confirm whether it’s V or not but in the meantime, it just has to be an assumption based on the fact they look a lot like V. If V actually did make a cameo, it’s extremely sweet and showcases that even when they’re doing solo work, BTS always comes first.

You can read more about ARMYs’ reactions to the music video below.

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Source: HYBE LABELS/YouTube