“Maknae” BTS’s V Has The “Jinny’s Kitchen” Cast Whipped For His Visuals And Personality On “The Game Caterers”

The idol is truly loved by ARMys and the “Jinny’s Kitchen” cast!

BTS‘s V is one of the youngest members of BTS, but with Jungkook almost two years younger than him, the idol has never been the maknae of the group (youngest member).

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Yet, one place where he is always the maknae is with the Wooga Squad, and recently, V joined fellow members Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik on a special episode of The Game Caterers.

The teaser for the cast of “Jinny’s Kitchen” on “The Game Caterers”

V is set to star in the upcoming variety show Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s)alongside the Wooga Squad members and other huge stars.

The poster for “Jinny’s Kitchen” | tvN

The cast traveled to Mexico in the show and opened their own restaurant. The show is only days away from the premiere, but ARMYs have been treated to adorable teasers from the cast.


Of course, it meant that the first snippet of the chemistry between The Game Caterers’ cast members was highly anticipated.

From the moment V arrived on set, it was clear that everyone was admitted with the idol. The sounds of laughter from the cast could be heard as V made his way to the seats, and Jung Yu Mi seemingly guided the young idol to his seat.

One thing that ARMYs loved was V’s visuals! Despite it being a variety show, the star had very minimal makeup and shined with his barefaced visuals throughout!


He also radiated true maknae energy when he was pouting during the two episodes.

And the dramatic reactions, whether he was happy, shocked, or just living his best life with the cast.

Yet, aside from his charming visuals, the young idol managed to capture the hearts of his costars and those filming the show.

Throughout the episodes, V managed to make the cast laugh, whether he was talking about Lee Seo Jin only smiling when he’s making a profit or when V’s eating ramen…

Seo Jin even shared that at first, V seemed to have the view he was there to play, but that even as the maknae, he was extremely hard working.

Yumi even shared that although it was V’s first time, he would always chat with her, and it gave her strength while they were filming and was extremely helpful.

Although there weren’t any English subtitles when the show premiered, it didn’t take someone fluent in Korean to see how loved V is by the cast. As the cast’s youngest member, V truly shined and showcased his visuals, charisma, and charm.

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