BTS’s V Has ARMYs Searching For A Phone…That Doesn’t Exist?

Google is no help at ALL…

BTS sells out everything they touch, but this time fans might have trouble tracking down a product!

V | Run BTS!/Weverse

Today, tweeted out a sparkling, starry selfie that was taken during his trip to the US.

Naturally, this dedicated brand ambassador seized the opportunity to promote Samsung. V revealed that his photo was taken with Samsung’s “chame model.” 

What is a chame model, and where can I buy it? After seeing V’s tweet, some ARMYs went hunting for this fabled phone but couldn’t find it. They reached out to BTS, Samsung, and fellow fans for help solving the mystery.

Don’t worry! You haven’t missed out on a secret Samsung launch. “Chame model” (참 모델) is a mix of Korean and English, meaning “quite a model.” By writing “chame model,” V was expressing how high quality his phone is!

| @thv/Instagram

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