BTS V’s Choice Of Prize At “The Game Caterers” Has A Hilarious Reason Behind It

His reason was very on-brand to his personality.

In the recent episode of tvN‘s variety show The Game Caterers, the entire cast of Seojin’s (also called Jinny’s Kitchen) appeared as guests. The cast comprises Lee Seo Jin, Choi Woo Shik, Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi, and BTS member V.

On this show, the guests are supposed to play various games, but before that, they get to choose their favorite prize from a wide lineup of items arranged for them. For the cast of Seojin’s, the prize list included a pink flamingo tube they used while filming in Mexico, a mango set, 1000 sheets of seaweed, a bottle of tequila, a digital camera, premium hanyu set, a GENEVA speaker, a massage gun set, and a bouquet of 100 roses.

Apart from these material items, there were three more rewards on the lineup—a pass for your face exclusively shown at the ending for 10 seconds, “Yajatime” (where ages are reversed and younger people can talk informally to older people/order around and vice versa for older people), and a pass to be promoted no matter what to the next season.

Lee Seo Jin had his eyes on the massage gun, while Jung Yu Mi said she wanted the seaweed. When Choi Woo Sik said he would opt for the 10-second ending with his face, V followed suit. And the reason behind his choice is that he “washed the dishes pretty coolly.”

As the assigned “intern” on the show, V’s responsibilities in the kitchen included preparing ingredients, doing dishes, and cleaning up. Even without the reward of an ending segment with his clips, V already managed to go viral once the show’s teasers came out. The hashtag #dishwashingking in Korean became a trending topic on Twitter soon after the clips surfaced.

BTS’s V Is Crowned The “King Of Dishwashing” In New Teaser For Reality Show

A K-Drama-style ending would indeed be a new feather in the crown of the King of Dishwashing.