ARMYs Believe “You Quiz On The Block” Used An Edited Photo Of BTS V’s Dad On The Show

“The edit even made it onto the show…”

After appearing on a recent episode, ARMYs believe the hit show You Quiz on the Block actually used an edited photo of BTS V‘s dad.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On September 6, the full episode of You Quiz on the Block with V aired and it was full of some truly memorable moments.

During the show, V spoke about his dad and even shared how proud he is of the idol but also that he got emotional after seeing V on the show because he liked it so much.

When speaking about BTS’s V and his dad, they used a beautiful side-by-side shot of the two to showcase the familial bond.

The picture used on the show of V and his dad | tvN

Yet, while the two shots of V and his dad seemed sweet, one OP online quickly noticed that You Quiz on the Block actually used an old edit of BTS’s V and his dad on the show. In the tweet, the ARMY shared that the well-known edit that was often confusing for new fans had confused the show to the point they used it as a real photo.

In particular, the OP and many fans pointed out that it seems like the photo used on the show is an edit that has been going around for some time. They pointed out that the face was definitely V’s dad and came from a passport photo the idol posted on Twitter back in 2019.

Looking at the edit, it seems the OG creator of the picture used the photo and imposed it onto a body.

When the user shared their findings on social media, other ARMYs couldn’t help but agree. In particular, many were shocked that such a prestigious show could share an edited photo and how surprised V’s family would be when seeing the show.

While V hasn’t shared many photos of his dad, You Quiz on the Block could have asked the idol directly or at least confirmed it was real, as many pointed out that the photo looks very edited, especially when compared to the only photo V has posted.