A Day In The Life Of BTS’s V 

It’s not what you would expect!

BTS recently shared how each members choose to spend their free time. V left fans in awe of his casual and relatable day-to-day experiences, even as a superstar! Check out what he does on his off days below.

1. Breakfast: 3 PM

V sleeps in as much as he can and then starts his day by waking up to a delicious breakfast.

2. Free time, Listening to music: 4 PM to Midnight

V spends many hours relaxing, enjoying some good music, and taking it easy.

3. Dinner: 12 AM

Due to his late start in the day, he gets a late-night dinner at midnight.

4. Games: 1 AM

It’s time to play some of his favorite video games into the night!

5. TV and Movies: 3 AM

After gaming, he winds down by watching some TV shows, K-Dramas, or movies.

6. Bed time: 5 AM

Finally, at 5 AM, it’s time to go to sleep!

Check out his full schedule below.

| Weverse