BTS V’s Dentist Shares Pictures Of Their Golfing Date With Two Other Celebs

Talk about being a social butterfly!

Dr. Junho Lee, the dentist who had appeared on BTS V‘s vlog back in June, recently shared never-seen-before pictures of him with the BTS member on a golfing date through his Instagram!

Dr. Lee in V’s vlog | BANGTANTV/YouTube
Dr. Junho Lee | @smiledoctorlee/Instagram

Dr. Lee had previously posted some silhouette pictures from this golf date in June, but none of the faces were visible. The unassuming caption had no mention of V either.

| @smiledoctorlee/Instagram
| @smiledoctorlee/Instagram

Fun times⛳️  We laughed, ate, drank, and even though we got drenched in the rain, it was a refreshing day.

—Dr. Lee’s Instagram caption

But in a recent post, he shared some selfies from that day. It turns out he went golfing with not just V, but they were joined by Lim Siwan and Kang Dong Wook.

(from left to right) Dr. Lee, V, Kang Dong Wook, and Lim Siwan | @smiledoctorlee/Instagram
| @smiledoctorlee/Instagram

In the caption, Dr. Lee shared a funny anecdote of how someone asked him for his autograph, too, along with the three celebrities that day!

Somehow, the day when even I got asked for an autograph came. The person who took my sign, please keep it safe 😆.

#thedayifirstgaveanautograph #itsnoteasytosignahat #threeknownfacesandoneunknownthatsme #dentist #summerdaymemory

—Dr. Lee’s Instagram caption

From celebrity chefs to dentists, it looks like the BTS members are out there to collect friends in every field like Pokémons!


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