BTS’s V Gets Real About How It Feels To Be On A Diet And Honestly Reveals His Current Weight

He talks about how hard it is to be on a diet.

BTS‘s V has always been known for his lanky and slim frame. During their debut, he was easily one of the slimmest members.

Later, he seemed to have gained some weight from being happy and healthy. He also had some baby fat in his face. But this was quickly lost as he aged.

As of late, he’s been looking more handsome than ever, aging like fine wine.

V on a recent Paris trip. | @thv/Instagram

He recently revealed his true weight on social media, to the surprise of fans. V currently weights approximately 63.4 kg (139.7 lbs).

It may come as a surprise to fans, but V is currently on a diet. He talked about how he truly feels about the food restriction on a recent live stream.

Recently… ha. For real, I’ve been seriously on a diet, so… I have no strength. I didn’t know it was this hard to be on a diet. I’m tired all the time. I’m tired all the time and sleepy all the time. I have no strength all the time, and it’s kind of like, not having the strength you derive from eating? Since I don’t eat. Yeah… it’s been like that. For real, I respect those that are on a diet.

— V

Many fans have expressed their concern about V and his diet. The star definitely does not need to lose even a single gram!

| theqoo
  • “V is originally very skinny but it seems like he lost more weight. By the way, he’s really handsome in the photos.”
  • “[Please] Eat!”
  • “He has no fats to lose!”
  • “He’s 171cm and 65 kg… I’m crying.”

V does not need to diet or change himself as fans love him the way he is. But, we can still appreciate the efforts he is taking and respect his wishes and aspirations for himself!

Source: theqoo


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