BTS’s V Expresses His Gratitude While Discussing Yeontan’s Medical Condition

One moment during the latest Pixid video tugged on V’s heartstrings.

BTS‘s V was the most recent guest on the popular YouTube channel PIXID, where he was tasked with blending into a group of cat parents, and V took the assignment seriously.

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While V has posted pictures with his family cat Kkanji in the past, the BTS member is currently the proud dog dad of his seven-year-old Pomeranian, Yeontan.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and V (right) with Kkanji
BTS’s V with Yeontan | @thv/Instagram

V admitted that he researched cats before filming the episode to avoid being caught as the imposter among the four fellow contestants, all cat owners.

The BTS member went as far as borrowing cat photos from a staff member, so he would have pictures to show off like any proud pet parent.

While he wasn’t able to answer all of the cat parents’ questions correctly, one topic discussed among them tugged on V’s heartstrings as he couldn’t help but think of his own precious pet.

One of the contestants opened up about his oldest cat, who had struggled with health issues. He shared how the cat had spent a month in the hospital, and whenever he visited, the cat would walk over to sit in his lap.

The contestant shared that the touching moment let him know the cat trusted him, and his fellow contestants all emphasized feeling powerless when their furry friends were sick.

Many agreed they wished they could give their pets their health and wondered how they would live without them. V replied that he felt that way, too.

BTS’s V has been open about Yeontan’s heart condition, which led him to receive two surgeries that were both unfortunately unsuccessful.

V revealed that both times, there was a risk of fatality for Yeontan to undergo the surgeries, but the BTS member felt that Yeontan’s will was what kept him alive.

V revealed how grateful he was that Yeontan fought so hard during the surgeries.

I was so grateful that he fought for his life.

— BTS’s V

When V’s identity was later revealed, he again related to his fellow pet parents and said that he also wished their pets wouldn’t be sick.

V adopted Yeontan, knowing of his health condition, and has continued to give him the best care.

V isn’t the only BTS member who is known for his love for animals. J-Hope recently made headlines for his donations to a dog shelter.

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