Forget The “Perilla Leaf” Debate, BTS’s V Has The Funniest Response On Weverse About The Newest Debate

What’s your stance on it?

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without a new debate about romance appearing. Whether it was seafood or the world-famous “Perilla Leaf” debate, K-Pop idols have been revealing their own opinions on them and even have heated debates with members.

Recently, there seems to be a new debate on the scene and BTS‘s V is one of the first idols to share his thoughts, but in the funniest way.


In the past, V has shared his own thoughts about debates in the funniest way. The “Perilla Leaf” debate is essentially about whether or not it is appropriate for your significant other to help someone else (or vice versa) by separating their perilla leaves, which often get stuck together.

When asked about it, V had the most definite answer replying, “LOL, never ever.” He even shared why he feels it is more flirtatious in a video.

Look, they’ve been using these chopsticks to eat and they keep using the same chopsticks that’s been in their mouth to help the friend. I think I’d have a light fight with them.

— V


Well, it seems like this stance and approach might help understand V’s answer to the recent debate.

On May 18 (KST), BTS’s V surprised ARMY when he hopped onto Weverse to answer a fan. In the message, the ARMY shared a new debate for V to weigh in on.

Guys, there’s a new debate How’s this? I think it’s easier than the perilla, and shrimp ones. But adding a preconditionㅋㅋ in the case that the order is me-lover-friend.

— OP

| WeverseThe debate that the ARMY was talking about surrounded the topic of “What if my lover held the hand of my friend who’s riding something scary?” The two different options would be understanding it’s because they’re scared or not accepting it.

Well, it seems like V had a very simple and understandable answer to OP’s question, he even added emojis to show his emotions while writing the answer using a facepalm emoji.

Firstly, why would the 2 of them ride together when I’m watching from below, I should be by their side.

— V

| Weverse

Yet, it was the emoji at the end that had ARMYs LOL’ing. Many fans thought that while writing it, V had a specific look on his face to showcase his frustration but also showcasing his sassiness.

When V’s reply was shared on social media, ARMY couldn’t get enough of his direct approach to the question. While most people would take a long time to think it through, V approached it realistically.

V has shown just how hilarious he is when interacting with ARMY. There seems to be a new debate almost weekly, and it will be interesting to see how V and the rest of the BTS members answer them.

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