BTS’s V Gains Attention For Interactions With His Fellow Soldiers

They were taking group photos!

Back in December 2023, BTS‘s V enlisted for his military service with fellow member RM (and was seen off by all the members).

BTS’s V and RM being seen off | @bts_twt/Twitter

Luckily, V has kept fans updated from the very start of his enlistment, whether it was through RM’s Instagram, attending events, or his own updates on Weverse.

BTS’s V and RM | @rkive/Instagram
V at a soccer event
An update on Weverse | BTS/Weverse

The past day has seen the internet in meltdown as photos of V in his special black SDT uniform were posted from an event, along with interactions with a veteran singer,

Yet, after hours of simping over hot V, it took a 180-degree turn as a new video of V and his fellow soldiers had netizens soft.

In a video shared by a fan, V was taking photos in a group with his fellow soldiers, and it seems like the idol was in charge of picking the two poses they all did. His fellow soldiers followed him without hesitation.

As the photo time ended, V was just having some fun with his fellow soldiers.

Even as they walked back onto their transport, V seemed happy as he chatted away like the social butterfly that he is.

The OP shared the video online in a tweet.

When the video was posted, netizens loved the cute interactions between V and his fellow soldiers and how they all followed V when it came to picking the poses.

With Jin set to return in a matter of days and the influx of V content all ahead of the group’s anniversary, it has been a great day for ARMYs.

Source: @vbaora1230


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