BTS V’s “Hater” Apologizes After Getting Sued By HYBE, Netizens Not Impressed

Too little, too late.

On October 1, the South Korean online forum Nate Pann saw an apologetic post titled, “I Apologize To BTS‘s V.”

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The post, coming from a user who identified themselves as “Kim — Young from Busan,” explained that HYBE had taken legal action against them for their malicious comments about BTS’s V.

| Nate Pann

HYBE Sued Me. I Apologize To BTS’s V.

— Kim

After listing the number of online communities where the malicious comments were submitted, Kim claimed that their misconception of V came from a 2022 video on YouTube.

I’m Kim — Young from Busan. Since 2022, I’ve been active on websites like Nate Pann, Yeoseong-Sidae, Soul Dresser, DC Inside’s BTS and Male Idol Galleries, Twitter, and YouTube. I posted malicious comments, criticizing V and spreading rumors about the idol. In 2022, a YouTuber posted a video mocking BTS’s V. I watched those videos, and for some reason, I believed what was said to be the truth. I was not thinking. At first, I kept it private. But once I saw other people express their hate toward the idol, I decided to participate. So I left hateful comments and made up rumors about him. I hated him because I believed he was a bad person that the videos made him out to be. Never did I think to stop and learn the truth about him.

— Kim

Kim pled for forgiveness, pointing out that their “future” depended on it.

| Nate Pann

I’m preparing to take the civil service exam soon. If I lose the lawsuit, it’ll go on record. And I know that such records will impact me in the future. So I haven’t been able to sleep. The case has been transferred to the local authorities where I live. From what I know, HYBE is not interested in letting me off the hook. I feel helpless knowing that I don’t stand a chance against them. I asked the detective on the case if I could submit apologies in hopes of softening the sentence. But he said that apologies won’t help until the case is taken to court. Regardless, I’d like to apologize on Nate Pann because not being able to apologize is making me nervous. I’m truly sorry. I didn’t realize that my comments, based on false ideas of him, could hurt V. I would like to continue to apologize to make up for all the comments that I’ve ever left. I felt terrible after I learned that nothing I thought I knew about him was true. It’d be best to apologize to him in person. But I can’t, so I’d like to at least make it public. I won’t ever leave malicious comments again. I won’t spread rumors again. I won’t believe all the videos I see on YouTube. Please forgive me. I was so young. I didn’t understand how the world works. Please forgive me and help me become a new person. Again, I’m so sorry.

— Kim

The post did not impress Korean netizens; Most believed “karma served” Kim right.

| theqoo
  • “The consequences of your actions, though. See ya.”
  • “So young? Really? Are you even really studying for the exam to be active on all of those online communities? And to think that you didn’t feel even the slightest bit of guilt while leaving all those malicious comments? Makes me doubt that you’re sorry. I don’t think forgiveness will make you a new person. Even in this apology, you’re only worried about yourself and your future. Why would HYBE want to forgive you?”
  • “I’m a newer V stan, so I don’t know a lot about him. But what I do know is that people hate on him for the weirdest reasons. So… I’m going to cherish him even more.”
  • “Old habits die hard, Kim. Pay for what you did.”
  • “Wow, this person went around ALL of those communities JUST to hate on V? We know one thing for sure; Kim’s got some stamina.”
  • “Diligent, but for all the wrong causes. Had you studied as hard as you went around hurting V, you would’ve passed that civil service exam a thousand times already. I just will never understand.”

Kim is not the first person to apologize to their victims via Nate Pann. One of Korea’s most notorious YouTuber, SOJANG, also took to Nate Pann to excuse themselves from their toxic videos spreading false information about celebrities.

Malicious YouTuber Sojang Apologizes To BTS’s V, IVE’s Wonyoung, And More

Knowing that these public online apologies are often part of their tactics to attempt softening their sentences, netizens remained skeptical toward Kim and wished HYBE the best in their legal battle.

| @thv/Instagram

Hate comments remain a huge problem, risking the mental health of K-Pop idols. A lot of management companies have become more proactive in pursuing legal action.

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Source: Nate Pann and theqoo