BTS’s V Helps A Small YouTube Channel Blow Up Overnight 

He made a teen’s beautiful video go viral.

BTS‘s V is using his massive influence to bring attention to a talented, small-time creator!

V | @bts_bighit/Twitter

With his music, encouragement, and loving personality, V has improved the lives of ARMYs around the world. His unofficial endorsements have also made dreams come true for aspiring artists and businesses.

Recently, a YouTube creator by the name of Matthew Chun went from having under 300 subscribers to over 50,000 after V shared a link to his video 17 and Lost Memories on the Weverse app.

| Matthew Chun/YouTube

| Matthew Chun/YouTube

V called Chun “goat,” an acronym for “greatest of all time.” Talk about high praise!

| Weverse

ARMYs flocked to Chun’s dreamy, autobiographical video by the thousands, shooting its views up from less than 200 to over one million!

| Matthew Chun/YouTube

In his “About” section, Chun describes himself as a high school student who enjoys making videos about his life.

Hi! Welcome. I’m a Highschooler living in Seoul, South Korea that loves making movies in my free time about my travels, day-to-day life, action, etc. I make quality films using Final Cut Pro X and try to make them engaging. Feel free to give any comments about my work. Enjoy!

— Matthew Chun

How has he reacted to going viral? In a pinned comment, he thanked fans for this “very overwhelming” experience.

| Matthew Chun/YouTube

This isn’t the first time V has shone the spotlight on independent creators. He brought big business to a struggling brand by wearing their hand-braided bracelets, and he completely sold out an artists’ stock by wearing their pin to the airport!

Check out Matthew Chun’s viral video here: