The Event That Earned BTS’s V The Title Of “Hottest Moment Of 2022” Amongst Western Outlets

How could they pick just one?

As the end of the year draws to a close, BTS has accomplished so much and created unforgettable memories with ARMYs. Yet, it seems like it isn’t just fans getting nostalgic about the year.

Recently, Korean media outlet StarNews revealed that there is a “Moment of 2022” involving BTS’s V that is still gaining attention.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Throughout 2022, V has had some extremely memorable moments that have captured the hearts of netizens and sent the internet into meltdown.

Whether it was his appearance at Paris Fashion Week, the international “Run BTS” TikTok challenge, or wowing with his visuals for his photo-folio, V was truly the main event in K-Pop.

BTS’s V at Fashion Week | @thetaeprint/Twitter
V’s “Run BTS” challenge | @thv/Instagram
BTS V’s photofolio | Naver

As much as these moments stood out to ARMYs worldwide, it seems like V has been taking over Western media outlets as the year comes to an end. In particular, Korean media has been reporting on what has been selected as “The Hottest Moment Of 2022” by Western outlets, which involves V!

Even though it’s been nearly a year, it seems that the moment media can’t get enough of is V at the 2022 GRAMMYs.

BTS’s V at the GRAMMYs | @thv/Instagram

During the event, V unsurprisingly went viral, and even amongst locals (non-K-Pop fans), he gained the nickname of the “Man With Flowers On His Suit.”

Well, it seems like both the official GRAMMYs social media and MTV were just as entranced by V at the event.

As the end of the year approaches, @recordingacademy on Instagram shared some of the most iconic moments of the year. In the photoset, as well as a picture of BTS’s performance, the first shot was of the iconic moment where V met his role model Lady Gaga.

The interaction truly broke the internet, and netizens couldn’t get enough of seeing the two iconic musicians together.

| @CBS/Twitter 

During a live broadcast, V revealed that it actually took him a few times to get the courage to go and say hi. J-Hope explained that V was extremely worried about the timings and when it was appropriate to go and say hello, showcasing V’s true and polite personality.

Do you know how many times I failed? I’m such a big fan, and I wanted to take a photo, but whenever I got the courage, I felt like it could be rude…

— V


The moment chosen by MTV as one of the most iconic moments was V’s skit with Olivia Rodrigo.

As part of a mini skit prior to them singing “Butter,” V visited Olivia and sat next to her in the crowd, laying eyes on her alone. He leaned in close to whisper something…

| 64th GRAMMY Awards 

… And whatever he said gave her a shock before he magically brought out a card from behind her hair and threw it toward Jungkook, who was on the stage.

| 64th GRAMMY Awards

It was a moment that definitely broke the internet, and it isn’t surprising that, even months later, it is still a moment that netizens can’t forget about. Even when it happened, it was mentioned by the BBC as the number one stand-out moment from the event.

The 2022 GRAMMYs was definitely a memorable time for ARMYs, and it isn’t surprising that everyone was just as obsessed.

Source: StarnewsKorea


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