BTS’s V Proves He Has The Most Iconic Taste In Fashion By Picking Out His CELINE Paris Show Outfit Himself

He definitely made some smart choices!

BTS‘s V was undeniably the main character at CELINE‘s show in Paris, lending his visuals and charm to make the event one of the most successful the brand has ever had.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

From the moment V set off for Paris in a private jet with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, they already had everyone’s eyes on them.

At the event itself, the trio easily shut down all fan wars with their interactions, as they all had a blast at the event and at the after-party.

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V himself proved he was singularly living his best life in Paris. Fortunately, he documented his time there extensively, taking ARMY behind the scenes of CELINE’s Paris show through his Instagram.

| @thv/Instagram

Of course, one of the main highlights was not only his appearance at the show but also the special outfit he wore to it. Fans were quick to catch the special meaning behind the iconic red jacket he wore, which had ARMY feeling instantly nostalgic about V’s past.

| @bazaarmenthailand/Instagram

When he first moved to Seoul, his mother sent him a bright red North Face jacket, which she hoped would keep others from looking down on him in the city. Knowing the story of V’s humble beginnings and of how much his mom sacrificed, ARMY are incredibly appreciative of the symbolism of the red jacket V wore to Paris Fashion Week.

In a recent inside look at his getting ready process, V revealed that he picked out the clothes he wore to the show himself, which not only gives even more meaning to the fact that he wore the red jacket, but also proves that he really has the most iconic fashion sense.

| @vman/Instagram 

Yet, V explained that the reason he chose these particular pieces was that he felt that they fit his friend designer Hedi Slimane‘s aesthetic particularly well.

But of course, so did he! While the outfit he chose certainly did its job in making him stand out, it was undoubtedly his own visuals and charisma that made him the star of the show.

For more on the significance of V’s iconic red jacket, check out the link below!

BTS V’s Red Jacket At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show Has ARMYs Nostalgic About His Past

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