BTS V’s Red Jacket At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show Has ARMYs Nostalgic About His Past

It seems symbolic.

BTS‘s V recently traveled to Paris for CELINE Fashion Show with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum.

BTS’s V at the airport.

ARMYs have been anticipating the moment that V would arrive at the CELINE Fashion Show hours ahead of schedule. Various hashtags were also trending throughout the day, including “TaehyungxCELINE,” “Taehyung in Paris,” and many more.

All eyes were on him when he stepped foot at the event.

Whether he was by himself or with other A-list celebrities like Lisa, Park Bo Gum, Eddie Redmayne, or Diana Silvers, he stood out!

Yet, it’s especially V’s red jacket that left ARMYs in awe. While the rest of his outfit was black, the red jacket and large necklace were statement pieces.

BTS’s V at CELINE Paris Fashion Show.

Some even likened the jacket to Michael Jackson‘s iconic one worn for “Thriller.”

Most of all, though, ARMYs are reminded of another famous red jacket… One also worn by V, but many years ago.

From left: V, Suga, Jin, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, and Jungkook.

When V first moved to Seoul and met his fellow BTS members, he appeared in a new jacket. His mom had sacrificed to get him a high-quality red North Face jacket. She was concerned about how others would perceive and treat her son in the city, so she chose only the best for him and got it in red, knowing it would make young V stand out!

My mom didn’t want other kids to look down on me in Seoul. So she shipped me that jacket. She said red would stand out the most.

— V

So, the fact that V wore a red jacket at this prestigious event with millions watching him seemed not only symbolic of his beginning but poetic. He struggled a lot to get to where he is today.

And, his mother’s advice proved so true! As V wore a red jacket to an event filled with individuals mainly in monotone outfits, he stood out in crowds.

Despite being one of the biggest K-Pop idols ever and representing luxurious fashion brands now, V has never forgotten his roots. Read more below:

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