BTS’s V Remembers An Iconic Fashion Flex From 2018, And It Shows How Far He Has Come

It was all down to V’s hard work and dedication!

When most people think about being an idol, they instantly believe it is a life of luxury where the money comes as soon as you are able to debut. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth and it takes years of blood, sweat, and tears to get to a point where you are financially stable.

One person who recently showcased how long and how much work it takes to achieve this “success” is BTS‘s V.


In the past, V has never been afraid to open up about the struggles he faced financially. When discussing their first meetings, Jin recalled how he noticed V because of his red North Face padded jacket.

North Face jackets aren’t cheap for anyone, let alone a trainee. They can sell for hundreds of dollars, but V’s mom was willing to go the extra mile to help her son fit in after moving to Seoul.

My mom didn’t want other kids to look down on me in Seoul. So she shipped me that jacket. She said red would stand out the most.

— V


Well, it seems as if even as the group debuted, the idea of having expensive clothing was a huge “flex” for V. Looking back, it wasn’t even that long ago when something he bought seemed like a huge achievement for an idol.

BTS recently celebrated their 9th anniversary. As part of 2022 FESTA, the group sat down for a family dinner where they discussed everything from light-hearted stories about each other and also getting serious about their “hiatus” and the issues in the K-Pop industry.

At one point, the group was reminiscing on their 2018 “Bangtan Dinner Party.” Youngest member Jungkook remembered how they had rented out the entire restaurant for the video, and J-Hope even revealed he remembered all the outfits.

V then remembered something even more specific, and it was the moment he bragged about a piece of clothing he was wearing at the time. He explained, “That day, I bragged about spending 28,000 won on a piece of clothing.”

Although V might have got the numbers slightly mixed because the actual price was ₩68,000 KRW (about $52.70 USD), it was still a huge moment when he was proud of something he had bought. He and the members couldn’t help gushing about the coat that V had bought and was wearing at the dinner.

| Bangtan Subs/YouTube
| Bangtan Subs/YouTube 

The reason why it was so significant was that it seems worlds away from V’s spending habits now. Although V is still as humble as ever, he isn’t afraid of spending the money he has worked hard for.

When the members were going to America, V caught the attention of ARMYs for the price of his carry-on bags at Incheon airport. Like many times in the past, V sported his iconic Delvaux Brilliant Bag.

BTS’s V with his expensive bag

If you wanted to steal V’s iconic look, it could cost the equivalent of many fancy cars and even contribute a lot towards buying a house. The bag retails at around $50,000 USD.

Yet, the idol has also been seen wearing items less than $100 USD, including his practice gear when he wore two articles of clothing from Menspanda that were also less expensive than expected. The first was the “Giant Overbox Tee” which retails for $20.17 while the second was the “Wide Cargo Balloon Pants” in green which is sold for $50.42 USD.

Throughout the years, V has worked so hard with the rest of the members and definitely deserves to treat himself. Yet, it is sweet that he still remembers the time when even spending a little bit of money was a huge deal for the members.

You can read more about V’s expensive taste in clothing below.

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