BTS’s V Didn’t Let An Injury Stop Him From Giving “ON” His All

An outfit mishap brought the pain “ON”, but it didn’t bring him down.

BTS takes every precaution to stay safe on set, but even pros like get injured sometimes.

Between The Tonight Show‘s “BTS Week” and BangtanTV‘s flood of new videos, fans have more BTS content than they can handle. One of these videos is a behind the scenes look at the “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima.

In the MV, BTS performs powerful choreography while dressed in post-apocalyptic fashion.

At one point, V was dancing so intensely that a zipper from this white outfit hit his face.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

BTS and the staff stopped filming to make sure he was okay.

The zipper left a red mark on V’s browbone, but fortunately it just barely missed his eye.

What a relief,” Jungkook said.

As V watched the playback footage on a monitor, RM tried to cheer him up by narrating the moment. “Little did he know what disaster awaited him exactly ten seconds later,” he said.

After taking some time to recharge, V continued filming as if the injury had never happened. If it wasn’t for the “Shooting Sketch”, viewers would have never guessed he’d been hurt. V’s performance is flawless!

Watch the “Shooting Sketch” here.