BTS’s V Shares The Inspiration Behind His Go-To Dance Move In An Instagram Post Then Deletes It

He deleted it immediately!

BTS‘s V has been mastering Instagram. In doing so, he’s also developed an affinity for deleting his posts…

BTS’s V | Samsung

His most recent deleted post revealed the origin of a signature V dance move.

He shared a scene of the late Hong Kong singer and actor Leslie Cheung (also known as Cheung Kwok Wing) from the 1990 film Days of Being Wild. It’s honestly iconic.

V is a true lover of all things classic! He’s especially a fan of Leslie Cheung. Previously, ARMY noticed him humming the OST from Cheung’s 1986 film A Better Tomorrow!

ARMY has noticed something else with V’s now-deleted Instagram post of Cheung dancing in Days of Being Wild. This dance is also V’s go-to move!

V made the post then deleted it almost immediately. Still, it was up long enough for ARMYs to realize the origins of his dance of choice.

V’s delete game may be strong, but ARMY is even stronger!

Source: @miiniyoongs and @thv

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