BTS’s V Teased New Song On Instagram Only To Delete It Shortly After Posting

Only a few ARMYs got to hear it!

BTS‘s V is a man of mystery.

One way that V remains a mystery is that he teases ARMY by posting something only to delete it shortly after uploading. The most recent example is a video posted to his Instagram Stories just yesterday.

He shared a short video that was completely black, with the audio being instrumental music. It turns out V was not merely listening to music. It’s actually a preview of an original song he’s working on!

An ARMY inquired on Weverse, confirming if it was piano we were listening to. Shortly after, V replied…

+Taehyung-ah, seriouslyγ… γ… γ… γ… γ…  I love you so much. I’ll look forward to it

β€” ARMY

| Weverse

V briefly explained that the uploaded clip is, in fact, a song he’s working! Naturally, we are excited to hear more.

| Weverse

V: It’s a song I’ve been working on.

V: Okay, I uploaded it~

Since responding on Weverse, V deleted the short teaser of the new music from his Instagram. Likewise, he also deleted the black-and-white shirtless video as well as the ramen-making one.

The short instrumental V recently posted and deleted isn’t the only original music preview he’s shared recently. Shortly after returning from his Hawaii trip, he posted a video of himself jamming out to an unreleased song.

Source: @thv and Weverse

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