BTS’s V Surprises ARMY By Revealing Unreleased Song

It sounds amazing!

Earlier this week, BTS‘s V gifted us a song as viewers of K-Drama Our Beloved Summer heard his new OST “Our Summer (Christmas Tree)!”

Now, it looks like we might be getting yet another new song from V sooner than we imagined.


V just shared a series of video clips to his Instagram Stories, showing himself driving in a convertible during his Hawaii trip. Each clip was connected by letters, ultimately spelling out, “I love you.” He even included an “ARMY” GIF!

If you watched with the sound on, you could hear V’s voice singing, but the song was not recognizable. So, ARMYs are suspicious that this is a preview of an original song yet to be released.

Shortly after posting on Instagram, V then shared some details to Weverse, confirming it’s an original song. He actually made it a while ago. We’re hoping he will now finally release the song because it sounds amazing!

Leaving the caption here. It’s just a song I made a long time ago but the vibes are good so…

— V

V has yet to hint any further or release details other than this, so we don’t know if he will choose to release or not. Last year, he celebrated his birthday by releasing his collaboration with Peakboy, “Snow Flower.” So, we hope he might release this song on his birthday, coming December 29.

Otherwise, he could include it in his upcoming mixtape. In August, V updated ARMYs about a potential mixtape. Read about it below:

BTS’s V Updates ARMYs About His Upcoming Mixtape’s Tracklist

Source: @thv