BTS’s V Finally Returns To Instagram By Giving A Special Gift To ARMYs

There was a lot of thought that went into his posts!

Since creating individual Instagram accounts, netizens have loved seeing the BTS members update ARMYs with what they’re doing. Yet, the luxury has meant that when a member takes some time away, it makes them even more excited to anticipate their next posts.

Recently, BTS’s V returned to Instagram with some special gifts for ARMYs.


On November 7, V returned to social media after replying to a fan on Weverse. One lucky fan told him they missed him and got a response from a lurking V!

ARMY: Taehyung-ah I missed you so much😭 I don’t feel like working😭😭

V: Woah how did you know [I was here]?

V: Hi!

| Weverse

Yet, it seems like it wasn’t just Weverse where he wanted to interact with ARMYs. After what seemed like a long absence from social media, V finally returned to Instagram after two weeks to share some updates with ARMYs.

The last posts from the idol were at the end of October, where he shared some snapshots of things happening, including concerts and his free time.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

On November 8, V returned to Instagram and shared several stories showcasing what he’s been doing over the past few weeks. Yet, if that wasn’t enough, V also shared some of his song recommendations with ARMYs.

In the first image, V was enjoying the fall weather, dressed nice and warm in the perfect colors and clothes for this time of year. In his first story, the song to go with the post was “꼭 안아 주세요” by Kang Huh Dalrim. Unsurprisingly, it has a jazzy feel. He explained that he was bringing song recommendations for ARMYs.

| @thv/Instagram

The second saw V posting a picture of some doodles he had drawn on condensation, with the calmer track “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers.

| @thv/Instagram

BTS’s V is a keen golf player and has shared his experiences recently, including a trip with Park Seo Joon.

It wasn’t surprising to see V sharing a golfing trip he went on, and this BGM for this post was “Deep Green” by Christian Kuria. The soft vocals worked perfectly with the colors of the image, and it seemed like V put a lot of thought into every track.

| @thv/Instagram

The following picture was what seemed like the opening of NOICE‘s first flagship store. Like in the first picture, V looked dressed and ready for the colder weather, and the BGM for this post was “Robbers (Live from the O2, London)” from the British band The 1975.

| @thv/Instagram

Along with being cute, V is also very nostalgic in his posts. The next shot was of a beautiful evening sky with the song “Cigarettes After Sex” by Sweet to accompany it. This time, V also added a caption for ARMYs, explaining, “The song I listen to every day these days.”

| @thv/Instagram

For the final post, V made sure to let ARMYs know it was the end by explaining, The end, please be careful not to catch a cold.” This time, it was a video for ARMYs with V looking extremely handsome with some very cute effects. To end, V had a fitting ballad with strong vocals after tagging the song “Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All)” by Omar Apollo

| @thv/Instagram

It would’ve taken a lot of thought from V to ensure that the songs match his pictures but are also tracks that he loves and wants ARMYs to listen to. Even if the BTS members take time away from social media, when they return, they do it with sincerity.

You can read more about V returning to ARMYs below.

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