BTS’s V Proves He’s Always Lurking Through ARMY’s Comments With His Latest Post

He sees everything!

BTS‘s V has officially come home to greet ARMY through Weverse!

While ARMY have patiently waited for V’s return to social media, fans noticed a trace of him left behind through liking various Instagram posts from members like RM and J-Hope.

However, just because V hasn’t posted doesn’t mean he isn’t active. One lucky fan told him they missed him and got a response from a lurking V!

ARMY: Taehyung-ah I missed you so much😭 I don’t feel like working😭😭

V: Woah how did you know [I was here]?

V: Hi!

While he was on Weverse, another fan suggested a fun way for him to return to Instagram and fans hope this idea is a keeper.

ARMY: Taehyung-ssi I hope you come to Instagram sometimes too!

V: Let’s do an “Ask Me Anything” sometime


Hopefully, V will return to Instagram to answer ARMY’s burning questions…

…and leave us with more iconic moments like this!

Even his behind-the-scenes Instagram stories are some of ARMY’s favorite exclusive clips.

We can’t wait to see what V will post next!


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