BTS’s V Was Left Out Of A Major BTS Tribute And Fans Are Outraged

V’s fans have started tweeting #TaehyungIsNotInvible after discovering an “unacceptable” mistake.

ARMYs are coming to BTS‘s V‘s defense after discovering that he was left out of a BTS tribute at the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards. 


At the show, BTS’s outstanding contributions were honored with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement” award and a touching video tribute set to BTS’s song “Sea”. Although many fans loved the tribute, which showed how far BTS have come since their 2013 debut, others noticed an error that soured it for them.


At one point, quotes from BTS’s members are shown on screen. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that V was the only member not to be quoted. Instead, Suga was quoted twice.


Fans may have let the oversight slide, if this was the first time it’d happened. Unfortunately, fans can recall a list of similar incidents in which V was left out.


ARMYs have started tweeted #TaehyungIsNotInvisible to bring this to BigHit Entertainment‘s attention. They want V to receive fair treatment, and they want these “unacceptable” mistakes to stop happening.


ARMYs also want V to know that they’re by his side, and will always support him.