BTS’s V Isn’t New To Judo! Here’s When He First Started Learning The Martial Art

V has been studying judo for longer than ARMYs guessed!

ARMYs may not have had any idea that BTS‘s V is a judo practitioner, but he’s been practicing the martial art much longer than anyone would’ve guessed!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

On February 10, V posted a video of himself practicing judo on his Instagram story.

| @thv/Instagram

V also recently revealed that he’s started learning golf. He said he started learning how to play golf about 3 weeks ago because his dad wants to play with him.

  • ARMY: Who did you go golfing with?
  • V: My dad said his greatest wish is to go golfing with me so I’ve been learning for the past three weeks-ish. I haven’t even made my debut out on the field yet…
| BTS/Weverse

While V may be very new to golf, he actually studied judo years ago! An ARMY asked V when he started learning judo on Weverse. He revealed that he first started learning this martial art when he was a teenager.

  • ARMY: Oppa, when did you first start judo??
  • V: 14? Fifteen years ago, I was into it for a little while.
| BTS/Weverse

From the sounds of it, V didn’t just start learning judo like fans initially thought. Instead, he’s rekindling his love for judo!