BTS V’s Latest Instagram Post Sees The Idol Trending Worldwide — For More Than Just One Reason

ARMYs feel both curious and attacked by the thirst trap posts… 😂😂

BTS‘s V truly has become a master of Instagram. Although he might not share photos or videos every day or even every week, the idol knows how to make an impact with his posts.

Recently, the idol gained attention for his recent Instagram post, and it’s for more reasons than you’d expect!

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

The members of BTS have been doing their own personal schedules over the past year, and V is no exception.

Whether it’s shining at fashion events or his recent appearance on the variety show Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s), V has been busy.

V in Paris for a CELINE fashion show | @thv/Instagram

V’s appearance on “Jinny’s Kitchen” | tvN 

Well, it seems like the idol is teasing ARMYs with his latest Instagram post for more than one reason.

On February 27 (KST), V shocked fans by posting new photos on Instagram that seemingly showed the idol filming and preparing something huge. In the shots, the scale of the set and filming could not be underestimated as the location seemed grand, and the huge amount of staff made it seem official.

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the scale of what V was teasing. Many ARMYs shared some of the huge and prestigious locations that V was sharing, adding that it must be something huge if the shoots were being done on such a grand scale.

Yet, while many were anticipating the possible future schedules and activities V may have up his sleeve, others just couldn’t get over the idol’s visuals.

Some of the shots showcased a huge-scale production for whatever V was filming, yet others just showcased his unreal visuals. Dressed as if he belonged in an Emily Bronte novel, the idol looked dazzling and modelesque in a floaty white shirt.

In particular, among the beautiful and elegant photos, V didn’t forget to put some shots that would send the internet into meltdown, including a photo from his bed and also bringing back a shirtless photo.

Although many fans were anticipating V’s future projects, it’s not shocking that others just couldn’t get over the visuals and thirst traps that were being served on the post…

Of course, it seems like V can’t do anything without causing the internet to go into a meltdown. Whether the photos were old and could’ve had something to do with his photofolio or if he’s teasing a future project, V really knows how to wake the internet up at the start of a new week.

You can read more about V’s recent activities below.

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