BTS V’s Unexpected Comment Makes Lee Seo Jin Rethink Hiring The Idol As An Intern For “Jinny’s Kitchen”

Nobody can resist BTS V’s charms!

BTS‘s V has the ability to make anyone fall in love with his charms, even when he is being extra cheeky.

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Twitter

V recently took the internet by storm when the first episode of Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s) started airing.

Along with joining the show’s cast, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that V would be the show’s maknae (youngest member).

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At the start of the first episode, the cast of the show spoke about how they needed a new staff member. As soon as they mentioned how busy their new “intern” was, Seo Jin knew exactly who they were talking about… and it was BTS’s V!

In particular, Seo Jin realized how close fellow Wooga Squad members Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik are with V.

Park Seo Joon, BTS’s V, and Choi Woo Shik | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

As expected, as soon as V’s introduction appeared, he lit up the room with his dazzling smile and charm. Yet, it was quickly clear that Seo Jin didn’t know what to expect when it came to choosing V.

In one scene, fellow cast member Jung Yu Mi explained that they hadn’t sold a lot of juice that day. She explained that they had only sold two juices.

Hilariously, V suddenly explained, “But I had four,” with a straight face.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Seo Jin couldn’t hide his surprise as he said, “What? You drank our juice?” 

With an innocent look on his face, V admitted to what he’d done, replying, “Yes, I drank a lot of juice.”

The caption hilariously wrote, “You’re now watching a generous boss who can laugh off a daring intern.” V explained that it was because he was thirsty, and the charm of the idol meant that Seo Jin couldn’t say anything, and Yu Mi joked, “Good job.”

If that wasn’t enough, another moment seemingly had Seo Jin doubting his decision to “hire” V. Like all employees at a food establishment, the cast had to wear special masks to protect themselves and the dishes they were preparing.

As V put his mask on, he had ARMYs and the cast laughing as he walked out, explaining, “I can’t see.” V didn’t seem familiar with the mask, so he put it over his eyes, not his mouth.

Park Seo Joon couldn’t stop laughing as he explained that it should be covering his mouth.

Even Seo Jin found it hilarious. Park Seo Joon asked whether V put the mask on in a unique way because he might cry. Hilariously, the idol just explained that it was because he’d never worn a mask like that before.

V was truly radiating maknae vibes in the show’s first episode, and it unsurprisingly has fans even more excited to watch the rest of the series. You can read more about the cast truly loving V below.

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