BTS’s V Praised For His Impeccable Manners At The Airport On His Way To CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

He went from bad boy to true gentleman in a few seconds!

Although BTS‘s V has always gained attention for his talent and visuals, one thing that the idol has recently been noticed for is his charming and polite personality. Despite being one of the most famous people in the world, V always ensures to showcase his true personality wherever he goes.


It was recently announced that he would be attending the upcoming CELINE S/S 2023 Menswear Collection show. Considering his status as a “Fashion King,” it isn’t surprising…

BTS’s V wearing CELINE | @bts_twt/Twitter

And it made ARMYs soft after realizing that V’s dream in 2015 was to attend a Paris Collection Show.

Many believe he deserves the opportunity and as expected, his manners were on show when V arrived Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center to get on a private jet to go to Paris. Unsurprisingly, the idol looked very handsome from the minute he stepped out of the car.

Yet, it wasn’t just his visuals that caught everyone’s attention. V is known for being extremely charismatic and it was on show after he had the cutest reaction to the wind blowing his shirt and exposing his shoulders.


Aside from showcasing his shy side, V also gained praise for his “Gentleman” attitude when it came to interacting with the fans and media. One media outlet even described V as a “Respectful World Star.” There was also an image of the idol bowing.

Although the picture itself tells a thousand words, the video of V from the airport showcases a lot more. When he got closer to the crowds, he immediately started posing and allowed them to take pictures of him… even if the poses were very rude, his willingness to do it wasn’t!

He then couldn’t stop waving at the crowds as ARMYs and media alike shouted his name and all wanted just a glimpse of the global superstar.

When he was ready to walk off, his manners were on show again as he heard the cheers and turned back to face the crowds. V then made sure to thank everyone for coming and couldn’t stop bowing.

Of course, knowing V, he decided to have one last moment of rudeness and gave the crowds a quick pose that was enough to send the entire internet into meltdown. Once again, V has proved he’s both a bad boy and a good guy at the same time.

Yet, it isn’t the first time V has been praised for his behavior at the airport.

Back in April, BTS returned from America and when they got into Incheon Airport, V ensured that he greeted everyone he saw and reacted to the media’s shouts for the idol. In particular, the press seemed to be unable to hide their appreciation for V, shouting, “You worked hard,” and “You did a great job.

Whenever he heard a comment, he always replied in some way, even if it was just politely bowing his head in acknowledgment.

Fellow member RM also gained attention after returning from a private schedule. Despite the lack of security and crowds, RM continued to greet fans and the media, ensuring that he gave them his undivided attention and also treated them to some aegyo.

No matter where BTS go, the members can never stop being praised, and the fact that it’s also about their manners truly showcases how humble and genuine the group is.

You can read more about V shining with his charisma on the way to Paris below.

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Source: Newsen and @TheTaePrint/Twitter

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