BTS’s V Gets New Nickname From K-ARMYs Over His Latest Friend Reveal On Instagram

“CGV” in 2021, “Je-V” in 2022.

BTS‘s V is now affectionally dubbed “The Parks Collector” and for a good reason! Since his latest Instagram stories featuring a huge surprise guest, ARMYs have noticed a coincidence too cute to miss:

Soloist Park Hyo Shin (left) with BTS’s V (right). | @thv/Instagram

A lot of V’s friends, new and old, have the last name “Park”! It makes sense though, since Park is the third most common last name among Koreans, according to Statistics Korea (KOSTAT).

V (left) with actor Park Bo Gum (right). | @bts_twt/Twitter

And in an cheeky wordplay, Korean ARMYs have given V a new nickname: Je-V.

Je-V, or technically “Jebi,” is a barn swallow. This particular bird appears in a popular Korean folktale, “Heungbu And Nolbu.”

A barn swallow. | @yugi0210/Tistory

Heungbu and Nolbu are brothers. When Heungbu, the nice but poor younger brother, saves a swallow’s nest from being attacked by a snake, the mother swallow brings him a magical “bak-ssi,” or a gourd seed. Heungbu plants the bak-ssi and eventually harvests magical gourds filled with gold.

When Nolbu, the rich and evil older brother, hears what happened, he breaks a swallow’s leg only to fix it—in hopes of getting a bak-ssi for his “good deed,” too. The swallow brings back a gourd seed indeed. Nolbu plants and harvests the gourd, which turns out to be filled with goblins.

An illustration of Heungbu with the barn swallow and the magical gourd. |

Here’s how the wordplay works: The Korean last name “Park” and the Korean word “Bak” (meaning gourd) sound the same. And the Korean suffix “-ssi” (added to last names to mean Mr./Ms.) and the Korean word “ssi” (meaning seed) also sound the same.

Gourds growing on the roof of a traditional Korean housing. | Pinterest

That being said, Korean ARMYs are comparing V collecting Park-ssi friends to the jebi collecting bak-ssi for the brothers!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter & Jiri Bohdal/naturephoto-cz

Clever, right?

Here are all the Park ssi-s Je-V has been able to collect so far.

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Source: THEQOO