Paul Kim Shows Love For BTS V’s Self-Composed Song “Scenery”

Paul Kim released a beautiful new cover of V’s self-composed song.

Soloist Paul Kim has shown the world just how much he loves BTS V‘s “Scenery” by releasing a beautiful new cover.

BTS tweeted out Paul Kim’s cover of V’s new, self-composed song on February 6, the same day Paul Kim uploaded it to his YouTube channel. BTS’s tweet complimented the “different atmosphere” that “Mr. Kim Tae Hyung’s” cover has. The cover has already received more than 285, 000 views.


V and Paul Kim share the same name, “Kim Tae Hyung”, and are known to be fans of one another. Earlier this year, V complimented Paul Kim’s song, “Traffic (Green) Light” and Paul Kim responded sweetly with a tweet that said, “Can I cry? I want to call him Bangtan-hyung”.

Check out Paul Kim’s cover of “Scenery” here.


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