BTS’s V Is Being Praised By ARMYs And Korean Media For The Meaningful Details In His “Proof” Collectors Edition Photos

It showcases the idol’s true personality!

Although BTS might be K-Pop idols, their growing influence has allowed them to use their platform to share good causes and raise awareness on important issues. One person who has always gained praise for using his fame for good causes is BTS’s V.


Over the years, V and the rest of BTS have used their platform to support campaigns, and V has done it again with a recent collection of photos released.

At the end of September, V posted some stunning Instagram photos from what looked like a special project. In the shots, V looked absolutely flawless which isn’t surprising.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

Netizens later realized it was part of the Proof Collection Edition, where V gained attention for wearing bright red and smeared lipstick.

The final picture truly wowed fans and even became the idol’s icon on sites like Spotify. Now the Korean media are focusing on the iconic pictures because they are showcasing a message.

In an article from the Korean media, the journalist explained that although the pictures might seem sexy and beautiful, the meaning behind them was much more important, explaining that it was all about a campaign to stop cyberbullying.

Rather than words, V chose to use body language to express the meaning in a more special way.

— Korean Journalist

The final image became the icon for V on Spotify | Spotify

The campaign first caught the attention of the world back in 2016 and was called the “Kiss And Makeup” campaign. It was created by Tarte Cosmetics and ByStanderRevolution and aimed to raise awareness on the issue.

On social media, people would tag a person they wanted to share a positive message with and then post it with a picture of a kiss stain on the back of their hand.

A Cosmopolitan article on the campaign from 2016

Although the Korean media have just started noticing the beautiful message behind V’s pictures, ARMYs have praised the idol since the photos were released. On social media, ARMYs praised V for the action, adding that whether it was intentional or for aesthetics, it was still highlighting a serious issue.

Fans even started the trend #KissOffCyberbullying with their own lipstick stains to support the campaign and raise more awareness.

Yet, it isn’t the first time V has been praised for using his photos and shoots to promote good causes.

After a Weverse photoshoot earlier in the year, V then went onto Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes snaps of the looks, and he definitely showcased a truly expensive side to himself. He donned looks as if he came straight off a movie set or catwalk.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

According to various Twitter users, V was wearing the Luisaviaroma LVR Sustainable Spoon Necklace, which comes in at €488.00.

The brand is dedicated to making sure that its products are not only beautifully crafted but help the environment by being vegan and recycling and upcycling old item. If that wasn’t enough, the brand is dedicated to working with non-profit organizations that tackle issues, including supporting women’s empowerment.

Whether it was intentional or not, V has a huge platform worldwide and the fact that it is being used for good showcases the true personalities of the BTS members.

You can read more about V using his social media and photoshoots to promote good causes below.

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Source: Naver News

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