BTS’s V Tries To Gift A Lucky Fan Flowers… Only To Be “Rejected”

The reason the fan rejected them is actually very sweet!

BTS has now finished their first of four in-person concerts for their continuation of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour. The four concerts are taking place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and BIGHIT MUSIC truly pulled out all the stops for the concert.

Including literally turning Las Vegas purple

… BTS-themed hotel rooms.

… And even special Lyft features.

Which is leaving some of the locals confused about what “Borahaefication” is.

And the first day of the concert has already left fans in awe of everything from Jimin‘s new hairstyle, RM‘s message for fans feeling frustrated about The 2022 GRAMMYs, and Jungkook‘s visuals and fanservice.

But one of the moments that had fans laughing was V‘s attempt at fanservice.

In the now-viral clip, V tries to gift a beautiful bouquet of flowers that he received from fans to another lucky fan.

| @briller613_bts/Twitter

But, unlike what V probably expected, the fan throws the bouquet right back at him. “Rejecting” his gift.

| @briller613_bts/Twitter

And fans are incredibly amused by how V doesn’t even try to hide the shock on his face.

| @briller613_bts/Twitter 

Of course, fans are actually praising the lucky fan’s decision. Since the bouquet was gifted to V, they agree with the fan’s choice to return the gift to him.

Especially since they know that many people would have wanted to keep the flowers that he touched.

Fans keep rewatching the clip, finding V’s facial expression incredibly amusing.

But also, as always, finding him both cute…

And handsome.

You can read more about the first concert here.

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