BTS V’s Hilarious “Taechwita” Moment During “Muster Sowoozoo” Was Actually An Adlib, According To RM

The original version was very different!

Even though it was almost a year ago, with the release of a new DVD, it seems like ARMYs can’t get enough of everything that happened at BTS‘s Muster Sowoozoo last year. There were some truly iconic moments, whether it was showing off Jungkook‘s tattoo or the editors teasing fans.

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Yet, when it comes to the most memorable moments, one of them that always comes to ARMYs’ minds is the iconic “Taechwita.”

During the OT7 performance of Agust D‘s “Daechwita,” V, dressed up in costume, is tied up and seemingly executed by RM. Being the talented actor he is, his pose and facial expression captivated ARMYs’ attention, and they’ve been unable to get over it ever since.


Well, it seems like what ARMYs saw on the night wasn’t exactly what the members had planned when they were initially practicing the iconic moment.

Not only did ARMY finally get to see the transformation from V to “Taechwita,” and the reactions from the members on seeing this new look…

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In new behind-the-scenes footage, ARMY got to see the rehearsals with RM and V of the opening moments. In particular, it seems like RM had different plans for the iconic opening which V decided to have some fun with.

In the clip, it seems very different not only with V wearing a blindfold during it but the fact that when RM used his sword, V fell in the same direction.

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Yet, RM revealed that it wasn’t always the case. Like what ARMYs saw on the screen, V kept playing around and falling in the wrong direction on purpose.

I strike V with a sword. V kept falling to the opposite direction, even during rehearsals.

— RM

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As expected, leader RM was always thinking ahead and tried to find the perfect way to deal with this.

So, I decided to adjust to him and started hitting him from the other side.

— RM

Unfortunately, ARMY knows how it ended up as, despite RM’s hardest efforts and attempts to outsmart V, the idol ended up doing exactly the same thing.

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Although it might not have been intentional at the start, there is no denying that seeing V fall to the wrong side and his facial expressions after falling was truly iconic.

BTS’s V as “Taechwita” will never be forgotten and will go down as one of the most iconic moments in history. The fact that V made it even funnier with his own adlibs makes it even more epic and showcases his humorous side.

You can read more about the members reacting to V during “Daechwita” below.

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