BTS’s V Proves He’s The King Of Duality With His Fierce To Cute Expressions In “Run BTS!”

He can do it all!

BTS continued their water adventures in Episode 132 of Run BTS! After pitting pairs against each other in a survival of the fittest-type game, the group was separated into two teams who debated on various topics. Along the way, they were splashed with water as punishment!

It was the perfect setting to focus not only on their speaking skills, but also their top-notch visuals. Out of everyone, it was V’s looks that stood out to fans thanks to his pool scenes.

When he entered the hot tub shirtless, he made ARMYs around the world gasp in shock. No one was expecting it, but no one complained either!

His duality was crazy considering how he laughed and smiled throughout the show while also being serious. When it comes to expressing various emotions, he’s a master at it!

He can be hot…

…and charming.

He can be confident…

…and playfully confused.

He can be fierce…

…and fresh!

Hot or cold, cute or charming, fully clothed or not, V can do it all!

He’s an unbothered king!